Three Feet From Gold Paperback Book

Three Feet From Gold Paperback Book

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Never give up, you could be three feet from gold...and the greatest success of your life!

“This book teaches you perhaps the most important success principle ever discovered. When you apply it to your life your future becomes unlimited.” Brian Tracy, author of The Way to Wealth.

Think and Grow Rich has inspired generations of men and women to turn their dreams into reality. Now, over a hundred years later, in Three Feet From Gold, Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid re-ignite Napoleon Hill’s advice with stories from today’s top entrepreneurs. It will not only inspire you to believe in yourself but also provide you an invaluable equation for personal success.

Charged by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to update Hill’s teachings, Sharon and Greg co-authored Three Feet From Gold, and are on a mission to help people find hope through these challenging times.

They share not only the success stories... but the most challenging times that faced many of today’s top business leaders, including Dave Liniger, chairman and co-founder of Re/Max; John St. Augustine, producer of ‘Oprah and Friends’ Radio Programming; Debbi Fields, founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies; boxing champ Evander Holyfield; Symphony Orchestra conductor Jahja Ling; NASCAR President Mike Helton as well as many others.

You will learn their advice on how to: have passion for what you do, find your own personal Success Formula, and above all: never give up!


It’s your turn! You are Three Feet From Gold.



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