Think and Grow Rich for Women Paperback

Think and Grow Rich for Women Paperback

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Think and Grow Rich for Women is for any woman seeking to create a life of success and significance.

So why Think and Grow Rich for Women? While the steps to success may be the same for both men and women, women approach those steps differently than men and the communi­cation style of the original Think and Grow Rich was most definitely written from the male perspective in the 1930's. The titans of big business were nearly all men. However, today in the next decade women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country's history. Sharon Lechter and The Napoleon Hill Foundation recognize the global economic impact of these changes and have collaborated on bringing the timeless wisdom of Think and Grow Rich to women from a woman's perspective.

Women want a guide written for and relevant to them today, by women who have created success in their own lives. Sharon Lechter is answering that call by studying successful women of the past, interviewing successful women today and preparing young women for success tomorrow.

With Think and Grow Rich for Women, identify your own Definite Purpose and success and significance of your own design will come by consistently applying these 13 steps to success.



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