Play Big Financial Freedom and Entrepreneurial Course

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Play Big Financial Freedom and Entrepreneurial Course

Turn your expertise into income producing assets.

Sharon Lechter has created a comprehensive course in creating financial freedom, designed to help you create your personal wealth plan and leverage your personal expertise to generate income producing assets so you can be financially free for a lifetime.

It's Time to Get Out of Your Own Way and Create Your Own Success Story.

If you’re ready to stop working for money and instead start working to make an impact, you need to become financially free.

Financial Freedom comes when income from your assets exceeds the outgoing money needed to support your lifestyle. These are secrets that the wealthy know very well.

The Play Big Course, a financial freedom and entrepreneurship program, reveals these secrets in a step-by-step practical plan that you can implement, no matter where you are in your financial journey to create your own financial freedom.

This online course will guide you through developing an abundant and positive mindset around money, creating your personal wealth plan, and generating income producing assets until you are Financially Free once and for all.

Join Sharon inside the Play Big Course for a life-changing lesson in wealth generation.

Here’s What's Included:

  • 21-part Video Series

    21-part video series where Sharon shares her secrets to building wealth and mastering your money.

  • Actionable Workbooks

    Actionable workbooks to accommodate each module and help you put your plan into action.Downloadable Course Workbooks

    • 3 Bonuses

      3 bonuses to help you dive deeper into the skills necessary to execute your Play Big Plan.

    Course Curriculum 

    Module 1: Create Your Wealth Plan; Create Your Future

    Module 2: Expand Your Associations

    Module 3: Create/Buy Assets

    Module 4: Execute to Scale

    Module 5: Become the Authority/Rainmaker

    Module 6: Passive Income Pays for Your Lifestyle

    Module 7: Establish Your Legacy & Generational Wealth

    Bonus 1: Platform Building

    Bonus 2: Publishing Mastery

    Bonus 3: The Art of Effective Storytelling



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