It's Your Time to Thrive - Digital Download

It's Your Time to Thrive - Digital Download

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In this 15 episode audio set, experts share specific steps to build a strong financial foundation from which to create freedom for you and your family. Sharon Lechter brings together experts in their respective fields to teach you their secrets…advice which would cost you thousands of dollars if you went to them directly. In just 30 minutes you can change your financial life. 

  • The It’s Your Turn to Thrive audio set includes:
  • What You Don’t Know About Your Credit Score Could Hurt You
  • Create Your Own Personal Investment Plan
  • Pay Fewer Taxes, Legally
  • You Can Use the Tax Law to Your Advantage
  • Turn Your Passion into a Money Making Business
  • Invest in Real Estate- Yes or No?
  • It’s Yours- Now Protect Your Wealth
  • Do You Have the Right Legal Docs in Place?
  • What Insurance do you Really Need?
  • Negotiation, The Skill of True Success
  • Make Money from Your Ideas
  • How to Get “Yes” With Your Investors
  • Blood and Money- The Family Business
  • Raise Financially Responsible Kids- Not Boomerangs



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